WW-stats and reports 24 September (2)

WW stats

  • International
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • France
  • Arabia



CerbeR level 45 +12

ГУБОП 40 +7

MAFIA 25 +25

Cerber 15 +7

WINter 12 +4


Cerber went out hard on WINter and kept them down. They have a good lead now and probably the highest def on the server due to their numbers. The attacks on WINter have continued today.





Smurfs got a visit too, they have no BP so standing on 0. A chiefing attempt today was walled.

Attack on CerbeR

I nearly forgot this reports…

It’s a never ending story between Kira and Smurfs. This time a small trainer changed owner



Mafia steals a small diet

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