WWstats 3 Oktober

Russia is in lead with mamba/Cerber on level 99, will finish tomorrow at 8:30 server time, which will be… 6:30 com time.

Arabia is next, REVENGE/ND, level 98, and will finish 3h? later.

Turkey, Karaca.s/COF ZERO, level 95, 27h left with level 96 is done.

Germany, Banda Bassotti, level 92, 45 hours.

France: Kisscool/COQ, level 87 75h. And here we have a new WW in top. Reports below.

International: # WWs on level 83. Tuomiopäavä/SamDcSW was first to level to 83. Dolongdao/ DAI_VIET come next and Mermi/1453-WW ~1h 20 min there after.


I had a chat with the new top WW holder o France, Kisscool/COQ, and he also shared reports from todays events.


Safiren : Thanks for reports 🙂 So what do you think, do Indonesia have enough to take you down too?

Aymeric-Kisscool: when you see the reports… you can think that Indonesia have lost a lot of WWc so …

Aymeric-Kisscool: and i think this – 😀

Now we will see if they have other WWc , but when we spied on all their accounts, we don’t find other ^^

Your opinion about the other allys? FRaiSE, 777, BAD.

Aymeric-Kisscool: There are other ally on this server ? 😀 No I’m joking :p

So about fraise, I think they had a well organized start but since the release of Building plan we don’t see them anymore.

About 777 and Bad , they don’t come to win this server so they are not really our enemy but it is are two good teams.

Safiren : Any other ally that have caught your eye for their play style?

Aymeric-Kisscool: At the beginning of the server, we have a hard fight with Nordwind but after that they relocate ^^

At the moment we know that fraise help RI with def on Rhaken’s WW.

Safiren : Have you decided with whom to cooperate in Final?

Aymeric-Kisscool: not yet , we have proposition but we want to finish our server first

Safiren : Have you had a winning WW before?

Aymeric-Kisscool: No, for me it’s my first time ^^

Safiren : How does that feel?

Aymeric-Kisscool: A lot of stress 😀 but it’s good stress.

Safiren : Something special you will remember about this server?

Aymeric-Kisscool: this last 24H 😀 when you know that WWc are coming and you just have to wait ^^ that’s veryyyyyyy long ^^

Safiren : lol, yes

Aymeric-Kisscool: I know that’s my account but we are a lot working on it ^^

Safiren : I hope you have made it without password sharing ^^

Aymeric-Kisscool: only sitting … that’s horrible to every time change account.

Safiren : Do you have duals?

Aymeric-Kisscool: Yes I have one.

Safiren : which two players have impressed most? An enemy for fighting spirit? An ally/meta member for teamwork?

Aymeric-Kisscool: the first name that I have in mind is Gagarine a fraise player. I’m HC def of my alliance and I never managed to catch her 😀 It’s pretty frustrating but i like it ^^

All the account Badboys ! They did a really great job with their WW. and all my mates from HC gallia!

Safiren: Thank you very much! A pleasure to talk with you 🙂


I also had a chat with Lanaya from R I and asked a few questions.

Q1: You have fought well. Are you prepared for the Final?

Q2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?

Q3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?


1. Well actually for final, Indonesian will come full team than this qualification, however we haven’t decided going to which quad and going to join whom.

2. We actually will remember Tussian better than COQ, even though COQ is winning. COQ doesn’t really give us a good fight until now, they have been in peace since the beginning, but the impact of their troops doesn’t as impressive as the Russian.

3. Fighting spirit might go to Fraise and Indonesian, most of them are new to qualification, so they just started to enjoy and feel the beat.





BadBoy’s WW


Kisscool’s WW



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