International: Endgame comments

Some late answers arrived today 🙂


Trình Triệu (dolongdao) Vietnam:

1. The international server which we are playing are extremely awesome and dramatics even in the final minutes. Many teams which do not have the official positions in any group stage have joint together and made an exciting server with many equal forces. In this server, we still see there are many big teams and wonderful players with great skills and strategies. I think that if everyone in this server can join as a team, we can become a big force which anyone will be afraid in the final round. At the moment, there is no preparation yet but i believe that we will find a way to contact and connect to each other in order to play toghether in the final. Hope that it will work.

2. I am impressed by CheckerB, they play very well with canons and help us in destroying other WW. Besides, Ghetto has an annoying way of playing and they play drastically although we has made a lot of things to make then less stronger since the beginning

3. I am not impressed by any individual because this is a strategy game and everyone is important. And I believe that everyone playing in the MetaVN and allies is the best. 😀
On this occasion, I want to say thanks to all Vietnamese players and allies who have made an exciting round. And I also want to say thanks to everyone on this server has played for their own purposes and made an extraodinary group stage. I hope that teams will find a same voice and official connection in order to have an best final ever.

Mermi (1453) Turkey (Google translated)

1-  I believe that we will reach a bigger success with the Turkish friends in the  group D. I think this server is too tired to rest in the finals. I wish success to friends who will do all the labour.

 2-Which ally (not your own ally / meta) will you remember from this round?

All units are  good in fight, congratulations to all because of the labour they have given. We have seen exciting players.

 3. Which player have been most impressing? Fighting spirit, Teamwork?

3-1maxmax1 4 wow army out of a true leader union was the last to come to us. Vietnam was gone, we were able to build it no surprise. Promter has a nice fighting game style. The most impressive ones in  are in my opinion  the Dacia Union with a sign of good operations.

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