WW-stats 13.9

[QUOTE=Templar Knight;1977960]You may indeed post any battle report now.   :)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for letting us know 🙂 Will there be new rules for g***********s too?

So what had happen today?

WWs begins to past the magical 50 level. ~220 hours left for the fastest one – if nothing disturbs the building.

On International HellasDT’s WW was down to 15 today, report above. Up to 26 then and zeroed. When I looked on building plans I discovered that Arab took one of Hellas BP’s last night. I hope pace has reports. My def was sent back home.

WW-levels: ARB 49, HellasDT 1. Still only 2 building.


On Arabia ND.NE’s WW was down from 19 now 8.



WW-levels: ND 54, ND-0 34, …ND 33. 10 WW building.

On Turkey some smaller WWs got hits, no serious running on the bigger.

WW-levels TÛRK WOW 54 and 53, 57.COF 51. ) WW’s building.

Russia: GM was hit by Cerber, target must have been something else then WW. Milly Billigan standing, waiting for second BP to be active again.



WW-levels: Franziskaner 54, Milly Billigan 49, GM 4. 7 WW’s building.

Funny report on REN-Q on France. I wonder what that was about? Alfapica REN@ have been scouted 3 times today by Uffff twice and CS one.



WW-levels: REN-Q 53, REN@ 48, NB-1 45. 6 WW’s building.

Germany WW hold by TF was hit by NØA. Many smaller attacks all over.




W-levels: 777 level 54, RTS 29, UN 29. 5 WW’s building.

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