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There are no gettertools for Arabia but I found a website where I could do maps. I got a sort of error when doing the first map. I haven’t been able to figure out what it shows but it is interesting so I add it. It shows the sign of bots still though the hard sorting out. ND meta is the very superior on Arabia with Right from last Finals as leader.. The NW quad is not far from empty, mainly natars and some players from all allys.

To qualify: 2 villages 587 pop.

ND meta is strongest in SE with wings in both SW and NE.

Right from ND A

من Saf:


I hope all is well with you. You are leader for the biggest meta on Arabia. You don’t seems to have any real enemies. What do you think about all bots that have been deleted? We have a lot of them on International too. I talked with 1maxman1. He denies that it is arabs behind those bots. But it is so obvious.

The Turkey server seems to be very affected too, it’s not fun.

I guess you want revenge in next Final, what do you think about your chances for victory?

Best regards


Wish you well too.

What we are facing in our server is not mainly bots as MH replied to us.

It is registration programs that allow somebody to register 1000 account in 5 min.
But MH can not stop them by deleting all accounts without a real prove. What happen in our server and made us really mad and thought to give up playing for good this game is MH deleting 100 % clean accounts without any solid violation which is not acceptable.
MH must be sure and we all hope he banned those who use bots and programs but within Travian rules and Reg.

I have no idea what is happening on the international Server and 1maxman1 group are not under our control not this year or last year.

We will do something new and not expected from us as ND next finals.


There is a Arab meta in the West quads. Probably friends with the Arabs on International, I also think that it is because the ND meta’s strong position the arab meta have choosed to play on International.

In NE it’s one more smaller meta PA.

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