Qualified 2013

How many can qualify?

In the last Final Travian Games stated that more then 30.000 players had qualified. The disappointement and surprise was big when not more then 15.000 players joined the server. On forum.com it was many tries to understand why.

One reason was for sure the problems in the start, the server couldn’t handle the amount of players activating their acconts and some gave up. Another reason was the long waiting for Final to start.

But the biggest reason that only half the expected activated is that this http://tournament2012.travian.com/tournament is not true. It isn’t the “Best 2000 players/server”.

I have a confirmation from TG:

If you want to receive an invitation for the Finals you need to be top 1000 in the inhabitants ranking or top 500 in the offensive ranking or top 500 in the defender ranking at the end of the qualification server. Additionally every player holding a Wonder of the World village will get an invitation for the Finals.

If one player belongs to more than one of these categories, he still gets one invitation, so that’s one less player of the total amount of players invited from that qualification server.”

I have tried to get the answer in the last sentence several times before as I have suspected this a long time. The amount of players that qualify from a server can be as low as 1000 and probably not more then 1500. There is always a loss of players too, in worst case up to 70%/server.

It can never be 30.000 players in the Final. I did an estimate in an earlier post that 13500 players would start. I have counted the 8 servers who have ended, let us see what that give.

Qualification 2013

Hungary (.hu) Players 1783.
Pop needed 4181, off 29056, def 16083.
Qualified: 1000, 53, 179 = 1232

Spain (.net) Players 1283.
Pop needed 997, off 16415, def 11405.
Qualified: 1000, 19, 72 = 1091

Scandinavia (.com) Players 680.
Pop needed 0, off 1433, deff 2693
Qualified: 680

International (.com) Players 3327.
Pop needed 8251, off 64887, def 46084.
Qualified 1000, 123, 313 = 1436 (russians ~200, ~10, ~40)

Russia (.ru) Players 1654.
Pop needed 3566, off 25310, def 19217
Qualified: 1000. 58. 154 = 1212

balkan (.com) Players 2080.
Pop needed 6531, off 37713, def 25409.
Qualified: 1000, 100, 200 = 1300

Czech (.cz) Players 1434.
Pop needed 1757, off 20825, def 16015.
Qualified: 1000, 39, 106 = 1145

Germany (.de) Players 1242.
Pop needed 1265, off 16328, def 14859.
Qualifyed: 1000, 31,60 =1091

Summary: 9187

If we expect the resting 8 servers to contribute with the same amount that gives 18000 players. With an average loss of players about 30% that left 12000 players for the Final.

Russians in Final

The differens between my former calcyl and this depends on the russians. In last final they was 3000 in the beginning. I counted them myself in week 8, still 2800. No other server managed more then 1000-1200 if I remember right, I counted them also in week 8, 200 -800 left from each bigger server.

I guess that the proportions was the same last final. (to have some numbers to work with). In that case 2000 to 3000 wildcards was needed to reach 15000 players on that server. Even if the russians had more qualifyed players last time, say 1500 from .ru and in best case 500 from international that is only 2000. And they wasn’t affected of the loss of accounts that other servers felt either.

Was russians so lucky that they get the biggest part of the wildcards or is it any other explanation?

I guess that what people are most curious about is how many the russians will be this time. My counting says 1200 from .ru and ~250 from international. 1450 players. On their forum they count with 1700 plus 300 who have qualified in other ways. And then we have the wildcards..

I will count the other servers too when they have ended.

The second half, four haven’t ended yet but Brazil is down to less then 1000 players so all will qualify and for the resting three there will be no big changes.

Saudi Arabia (.sa) Players 2715
Pop needed 2555, off 23952, def 24002
Qualified: 1000, 93, 339 = 1432

Arab Emirates (.ae) Players 1828
Pop needed 1860, off 21751, def 12697
Qualified:1000, 40, 216 = 1256

France (.fr) Players 1784
Pop needed 6152, off 51675, deff 33909
Qualified: 1000, 81, 167 = 1248

Poland (.pl) Players 1075
Pop needed 337. off 17382, def 19009
Qualifyed: 1000, 7, 13 = 1020

Not ended:

Brazil (.br) Players 930
Pop needed 2, off 10591, def 9128
Qualifyed: 930 

Portugal (.pt) Players 1209
Pop needed 910, off 20560, def 14157
Qualifyed: 1000, 25, 78 = 1103

Chile (.cl) Players 1087
Pop needed 523, off 19127, def 13911

Qualifyed: 1000, 20, 32 = 1052

Turkey: (.tr) Players 1639
Pop needed 5522, off 68630, def 26294
Qualifyed: 1000, 58, 154 = 1212

9253+9187 = 18440

A fair amount have qualifyed but as we all know there will be losses on the most servers, 30 to 70%, so in best case we will have around 12000 players plus wildcards.

An interesting thing about statistics. The 500 best off accounts and the 500 best def accounts that TG claims could qualifye is depending on how many of them that have qualifyed through pop. A defensive player have a bigger chance to get the ticket to the final even if they are small. The most offensive players that have qualifyed have lost a big part of their pop, many of them have been zeroed or almost zeroed and is down to one village.

On International, Balkan and France the players have had to fight hard for their ticket. Hungury, Turkey and Russia have needed a smaller effort to qualify but still have had to work for it. The resting 10 servers have been easy – only sim a bit to qualify.

I am still wondering how the russians manage to land 3000 accounts last server. I have only my memories to trust on but I estamate that they would have been 1500 from their own server, maybe 300 from .com and give it a couple of hundred from other servers. That is 2000. Did the russians get half of the wild cards last time?

Because considering this years qualifyed  comparing to last year with a bit more players but with bigger losses from the long waiting, it could have been 13000 players starting, we was 15000 so 2000 wildcards should have been used. This time the russians have 1200 + 250 + x from other servers. Plus wild cards…

May I suggest that you do your best to try for as many wild cards as possible to prevent the russians to get so many? =)

I wouldn’t be surprised if those countless russian cheating sites has  scripts sending requests for wildcards and then selling them as multiaccounts. And as we have learned you can even hire someone playing it for you so it can’t be discovered by MH.

Ah well, I got forlorn in numbers. They can be quite interesting..

So far my countings have been right estemated when I check backward. When final starts we will see how I have managed this time. Maybe the other countries are lucky to to engage their players to start in this Final in a higher degree then last time.

Summary: Qualifyed 12000 (-30%) – 18000 players, Wild cards 2000. My guess is 15000 players joining.

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