Week 4 Reports

Stubborn as I am I continue to post the reports I’ve got here 😛 I haven’t had time to check if they are not posted somewhere else.


Lola has been busy. Sometimes success and sometimes not.

full report https://travian-tool.com/pl/31vB4dWUnI,5zQul0Lqb8,GeNF3cpfbr,lW7cTK0GJv,serTXljx81,khaUtGOqQb,gBVKRX8IQP,vuG7dwlxMV,Evp5iRBXtf,jlZLcPKXh3?expand=1

SouthEast in my Corner thread.


Italians have posted their nice reports in Kai’s thread so here we have the not so successful ones. But this one was close =)

Oasis changing owner

+ 800 catas


Luffy has more troops every time I see his reports and many of them has been chiefings.

This village was down to 16 pop last time I saw it. Too many crannies 😀

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