Artefacts 2019

Artefacts has arrived and with that we have entered the second half of the Final with 7 weeks left to the start of the endgame.

(And I’m still struggling with the NE analysis, but I’m halfway now ^^)

The def in artefacts was a little less than last year.




Time table (UTC+1)

I think that the less populated map has affected the speed with which the artefacts has been taken, fewer was taken the first hour.

Artefacts distribution

We have 87 artefacts, NE got 21 and the other quads 22 each. Uollas (SPQR) took 3 from NW quad. one from SE and got in total 22. Exodus/Dacia&Co got 18, Union 17, ML 14 and IT 6. MC got 1 artefact, the  Unique Boots. A few small is in the hands of smaller alliances and if they haven’t lost them already they soon will do.

Uollas has taken the small boots from TR.. during the time I have been working with this (we have our yearly Winter LAN this weekend so my attention have been distracted. So they have now 23 artefacts in total. 3 fools to force to trainer is nice too.A good display of artefacts that will give them advantage in the following weeks.

Exodus/Dacia and friends, not so bad. Could have been better if they had given some attention to the SPQR stronghold, but they still have what is needed to continue forward endgame.

Union, Unique Diet and Trainer – that is a good catch. They also have taken back the small boots from Turks. I was told that due to the nap they should not go for artefacts in NW – well.. someone didn’t listen 😛 They still have 4 artefacts to take back from Germany and P&W

ML didn’t get a large Architect neither a Unique. We can look forward to a continued war in this quad to get the desirable artefacts. They stole 2 artefacts from SW.

IT, a nice collection. They will need a lot of def to keep them 🙂


The new confed system, will it bring new strategies or not when it comes to WW building? So far only EX/D seems to try something new.

Due to how artefacts was distributed 3 metas now have the strength to fight for victory. ML need to conquer an artefact if they want to participate. IT will have to change all accounts to defensive to get enough power to defend what they have 😀

And we still have to see what happens with the building plans.

U/Arabs has only one WW so far hold by Rebels, 100/100.

Exodus/Dacia&Co has four. Dacia -100/0, Smurfs -100/100, Exodus -2/12 and 777 -12/2.

Union has one WW hold by Power, -100/-100.

ML 100/-100

IT 100/0

TH 0/100

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