Week 13 – Reports part 2

Another story about Hugo the unlucky hero 🙂

The chief actor of this story is hugo234 from Hong Kong. Yes, civil servant of Chinese NB Alliance again. Players of BAD and CUP are the most prior enemies for most of NB members. However in hugo234’s view, except multi-hunter, the most dangerous enemies are all of other NB members.

It is because hugo234 has the nickname called ‘Mascot’. He is a general responsibility on defence. However what coordination he reinforces will always facing only fake attack. Therefore when the NB members want to catch enemies real hammer attack, they will always cheat hugo234’s hero going to other coordination. And hugo234’s hero always gain nothing.

8th February,2019, Around 23:50 on GMT+0

When hugo234 entered into Chinese NB Council as usual, he noticed that the other NB Generals are very busy to run and work.

‘What is happening?’ hugo234 asked

‘Nothing happening,’The other NB generals noticed hugo234. They freeze a few seconds and said ‘It is a good day to sleep. Maybe master, you may go offline and enjoy your private time.’

Hugo234 felt something is wrong. The NB generals were keeping some secret back. And very soon hugo234’s feeling was confirmed.

‘bbs also received Russia BAD’s attack,’ A scout ran into council building and said,’ the coordination is 無牙鎮104 ‭(‭18‬|‭−‭104‬‬)‬’

‘That means we are being attacked by Russia BAD Alliance and all of you DO NOT WANT to tell me?’ hugo234 shouted to other NB members.

‘Sorry that,’ Abby said,’無牙鎮104 ‭(‭18‬|‭−‭104‬‬)‬ received more than 16 waves of attacks. We are too busy to inform you.’

‘OK,’ hugo234 said, ’Then I sent my hero to reinforce 18 -104,,,,,,’

However 2 minutes after hugo234 sent his hero to support 18 -104, Abby shouted,’ Hero of Mascot has gone. Then the other army goes to reinforce Ecce Homo! ‭(‭12‬|‭−‭95‬‬)‬.’

‘What,’ hugo234 suspected,’12 -95 is also being attacked?’

‘Yes of course,’ Abby laughed,’ players of BAD Alliance are also attacking 12 -95. However I afraid your hero will change the hammer real attack into fake attack. Therefore I cheat your hero going to 18 -104,,,,,,’

As the result, when 9th February,2019, Around 01:00 on GMT+0 arrive, what hugo234 caught are only 16 waves of fake attacked in 無牙鎮104 ‭(‭18‬|‭−‭104‬‬)‬. However in Ecce Homo! ‭(‭12‬|‭−‭95‬‬)‬, seems big battle occurred……

‘HAHAHAHA,,,,,,’ Abby and other NB general laughed ‘The reputation of Mascot is well supported by fact’

‘WHAT THE XXXX’ hugo234 shouted, ’It is not valid because all of you are cheating me!!!!!! I hate all of you’

However in the mind of Chinese NB players, the legend of NB Mascot is still continuing,,,,,,

Nasty strategy
“3/4 trainer, we saw heroes and in first hammer there was a chief, we sent loyalty to 0%, he conquered the village and robert1 killed the hammer, of course we switched 3/4 trainer”

SPQR has got a lot of attention from Dacia lately

Scouts found a tempting target but defence suddenly appeared.




This is what happens if you don’t draw back your def from a player that gone inactive. Sooner or later…

Winter vs SMurfs vs Winter

Reports from SouthEast


Conquered villages

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