Endgame reports 12 Mars

I had nearly 300 reports, I have chosen some for each day.

6 Mars

7 Mars

Some of the WWs have changed owner several times..

CUP has been a popular target.

Triamera got banned due to problems with the gold and fell out from the WW race.

The first days Union had fewer attacks than I expected.

8 Mars

Even WWs that wasn’t building got visitors in a try to chief.

Changing owner

orion was zeroed several times.

Today Union got hit by several WWKs

9 Mars

It seems as the NAP between Union and CUP don’t exist any more.

More attacks on orion

Smurfs decided to start to build and got the plan from Dacia.

Hype started to build, maybe to distract the enemy by giving them 2 targets.

Many deleted after sending their hammers.

The defense in an abandoned WW

10 Mars

I suppose CUP was seen as the only real opponent..

Kira also decided to start to build.

Union was back on top on Sunday evening. I should have taken more screens to show how the ranks changed but after all turbulence I wasn’t in mood to write ..

11 Mars

Union had good help from other metas to keep CUP down.

and Hype fall down from second rank.

Many catas but I’m not sure any damage was done.

12 Mars

orion zeroed again.

Smurfs too

An offensive with several attacks and a failed attempt to chief.

Triamera unbanned but not building.

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