Endgame Day 7


Not much have happened today, but it’s Friday and players maybe take a break – or have all bigger hammers been used?

I saw on the polish forum that they complained that they don’t have built any WWKs.

Dacia is untouched, it’s not even any attacks on their plans or architect. G&V has reach their limit without a second building plan, X3 is soon there too. PS is back on rank 2. WINter A is lingering on rank 7.

It don’t differs much between PS, SPQR and CerbeR who are the only with 2 plans.

Will we see any try to shift ranks?


The only hammer that was out walking today:

[DaciaNV1] mzQ



Maraz have cast a couple attacks on WTF-FR’s WW, this one got a few troops back.

[MARAZ] Saldıran



[CZ-SK] Tor-La enjoys himself to send his daily production of clubs from all his villages on Br Kiss



and yes, Cerber was scouted




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