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I’m back from my vacation. It was nice to have time for family and friends – and to be lazy 

The second half of Final is running and the metas have done their best to gain domination. some have succeeded, some have not, some choosed diplomacy to increase their chances to participate in endgame.

So let’s take a fast look on the quadrants:


NorthEast: I have waited nearly a month to get permission to announce that Gallia! and the Turkey meta in NE finally have finished their negotiations and now have formed the meta “Great Eurasia Project” GEP. More about that in next Corner, we hadn’t time to do the interviews, but now we have one more meta that can be an important part in endgame 

SouthEast: The Rainbow Coalition. Biggest on the server but haven’t been able to secure the quadrant. Russians and Poland have been a too strong opponent. The schism between The Cof and the leadership in NE have seriously damaged their chances as favorites.

SouthWest: SPQR won the war in the Unique area but BAD/Cerber&Co owns the rest of the quadrant except for the border to NW. Both metas are a bit too small to be able to build the needed def for WW. It can still work – it’s called discipline and organisation.

NorthWest: Dacia is for now the strongest meta in Final, second biggest, and have a great chance to win this. WINter&Co has their back against the gray zone.

Summary: For success in endgame you need an big area for your players where the defenders can concentrate on building defence for WW. Dacia have it, GEP in NE too after the merge, BAD/Cerber&Co have an area also where they are superior. The other metas have closer to their borders and we can expect wars going on for areas and artefacts.

Artefact map

I wonder how many times I counted the small artefacts before I succeeded to get the sum to 52… and then I had decided to do a map it took a while that too. Double and triple checking cords to be sure to get all right. If you find any faults please notice me!

We have a couple of facts about the artefacts:

  • They spawns in circles.
  • The order in which they spawns is always the same.
  • They are more random than the building plans.
  • The interval between the circles depends on how many players it is on the server.

I’m not good on making circles so you can compare with the Russian artefact map if you want to see them  The Uniques is in the first circle followed by the Great Architects and the small architects are most far out. If the large is far out (as with the Eyes and Confusions) the small are more to the middle. The Storage, both large and small, has circles close to each other.

For example: If an large artefact spawns at 60/80 in NE the others will spawn at 80/-60 in SE, -60/-80 in SW and -80/60 in NW, or on the nearest free spot. Where on the circle they spawns is random but always with the equivalent coords in the other quadrants.

The Russian map had a radius of 243, 2500 players, I think. My map has a radius of 272, 8300 players. The intervals between the circles are slightly bigger on this server.


Conclusion: It’s still about luck if you as player get near an artefact but it is possible to increase the chance by settling in supposed cirkel radius. As alliance, which have been more obvious after last Final, domination in certain areas is of uttermost interest. A knowledge that have been taking in consideration by others than Russians this server 

Explanation for map:

Uniques are black, I have tried to use two nuances of same color for large and small.


It still didn’t look easy to understand, mostly only colorful dots on the map  I added letters. And now we have a map with a sammelsurium of colorful dots and black letters  – and without circles… but they exist, I assure you that.

A, A, a = Unique Architect, Large, Small.
B, B, b = Titan Boots
C, C, c = Rivals Confusion
D, D, d = Diet
E, E, e = Eagles Eyes
F, f = Fool
S, S, s = Storage
T, T, t = Trainer

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