Second village

My first interview this server 

Safiren wrote:


I seethat you have proved that it is possible to build second village inaround 30h. May I ask you some questions? My excuses for not havingtime to wait for someone that can translate the questions.

Best regards



1.Your ally name is lovely. Have they all given their resources to you? What is the most importent to get the second village so fast?

2.How much gold have you used?

3. Tell us something about yourself and your account? Male or female? How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? What do you do when not playing Travian?


1. My allys are my best friends! They all gave me resources to get 2nd village fast, but i will give them res now too, as they need to get fast 2nd villages too.
The most important thing is working together as a team for the one mutual goal!

2. about 155 till sending settlers

3.Our account is mixed. 2 males and 1 female. Ages: 29, 26 and22.
Other information is closed because of our master, who do not let us speak at all!
this messege was send very fast while he was not watching!

best wishes

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