Landings in NE


We have passed 14.000 players. An early counting of the players: NW 3900, NE 3700, SW 3200, SE 2000. Now we only miss 1000 of m ypredicted players. But I guess this is the top. We will slowly fall down to around 10K in midgame.

The map for NE is done in a simular way as NE but I had to go down in the ranks to find the others. If NW was eastern Europe mostly this is the Western Europe quad but it is mixed with several allies from all over the world of travian tournament. I stopped counting on 700. No fancy profils with a lot of confederates and NAPs.

Quite interesting that we findsTurkey here, 300 players. They have NE as main but have also several allies in the resting quads. Looks as they have their own agenda. And a long list of allies, I’ve only counted the biggest in NE. They also use the “At War with” tag, but I don’t think it’s for war. I think they have missed the posibillity to add Not to the tag.

Russians then? Much easier to find when more days have gone, allies shows better now, 320 players. On the russian forum it’s a habit to talk bravely about that russians don’t ally with anyone but I’ve heard about several tries to make agreements with other domains.

Russians NE have make confedts with Hellas and WING in SE (and they have a long list of friends). Placed directly behind MightRU and the beginning of a nice stronghold far out. That give a lot of opportunities ^^








Grubian from

1.Tell us the basics about your alliance.
Расскажинам вкратце о своём альянсе.

2.What is your goal for the server?
Каковатвоя цель на этом сервере?

3.There is a lot of players in NW and NE, half of it in SE, only SW looks “normal”. Your comment?
Очень много игроковвысадились на СЗ и СВ, вдвое меньше наЮВ. Только ЮЗ выглядит “нормальным”.Как ты это прокомментируешь?

4.What will the biggest difference between this Final and the last one be?
Какое основное различие между этимфиналом Чемпионата Мира и предыдущим.

5.Anything else you want to say?
Всё,что ты ещё хочешь добавить к сказанному.

6.Tell us something about yourself and your account? Male or female? How old are you? 
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? 
What do you do when not playing Travian? 
Расскажинам немного о себе и ваш счет? Мужчинаили женщина? Сколько вам лет? 
OткудаBы ? Что вы делаете для вашей гостиной?Как долго вы играли в эту игру? 
Чтовы делаете, когда не играете Травиан? 

Альянс был создан в 2010 году.С тех пор одни уходят,другие приходят.Состав альянса всегда разный,но с 2010 года верны остаются Травиану и нашему альянсу 7 человек.
1 The alliance was created in 2010. Since then some have leaved, others comes. Alliance structure is always different, but since 2010 the true remain to Travian and our alliance is 7 people.

2 На данный момент мы будем фаниться,а дальше посмотрим.Если все будет хорошо,то будем строить Чудо Света.
2 At present we will be indicated for radioactivity, and we will look further. If everything is good, we will build the Wonder of the world.

3 Ну а что тут сказать,на иностранные десанты я пока не смотрел.Игра сама раставит все на свои места,достойных мы попозже сами увидем,что касается ру-Команд вы итак все знаите: Есть десант СВ,есть десант СЗ,есть группа Доктор-а и есть группа Джеб-а.
Про других пока не слышал,ну а кто достоин победы игра покажит.
3 Well and what here to tell, I didn’t look at foreign landings yet. Game itself will sort things out, worthy we will see later, as for ru-Teams you so know everything: There is NE landing, there is NW landing, there is a group of the Doctor and there is Jeb’s group.
About others yet I didn’t hear, well and who is worthy victories game will show.

4 На данный момент все идет к тому что ру-Команды будут воевать между собой,в итоги если будет потраченно очень много сил на эту войну,то у иностраных десантов появится маленький шанс на победу.
В этом и будет отличие между прошлым чемпионатом и этим чемпионатом.
4 At present to all appearances that ru-Teams will be at war among themselves, in results if many forces will be spent for this war, foreign landings will have a small chance of a victory.
In it also there will be a difference between last Final and this Final.

5 Уже итак не мало сказал )))
5 Already so I told much )))

6 Меня зовут Юрий,мне 30 лет.Живу в Краснодара,работаю монтажником.
В травиан играю с 2009 года,на аккуанте играю один.Если не играю и не работаю то уделяю время своей семье,своей жене и своему сыну,которому сейчас 8 месяцев
Ну и на прощание фото от меня:…
Сыну тут 4 месяца

6 My name is Yury, I am 30 years old. I live in Krasnodar, I work as the assembler.
In Travian I played since 2009 ,on account I play alone. If I don’t play and I don’t work then I find time for the family, the wife and the son, to which is now 8 months
Well and at parting a photo from me:…
The son is here 4 months.



Xantos from -M-

xanthos wrote:

Hi all, and i would say thanks to Safiren for this official spy news.

1.Tell us the basics about your alliance.
Marin’s is a great group of french player, lot of them coming form speed.

2. What is your goal for the server?
My goal? Just finish with more than 1 village…
Team goal? WIN!

3. There is a lot of players in NW and NE, half of it in SE, only SW looks “normal”. Your comment?
Russian don’t use the same stratégie as the last server.
We do the same…

4. What will the biggest difference between this Final and the last one be?
I think alliances and HC were take better preparation and organisation.

5. Anything else you want to say?
i hope we will have more than 1 WW at the end.

6.Tell us something about yourself and your account? Male or female? How old are you?
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian

My name is fifi, i am 43 years old, male.
i live in france just near SAINT ETIENNE.
i have a horse training center.
i ride horse, and i am autodidact in php/sql programmation.
i have played travian since the 10th january 2010, yes i remember the date :p
i play often defensive germain, sometime off…

have fun




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