Russians never stops talking

I have been reading the Russian forum, the tread about Coordination in NE. You have to forgive me for errors in the translation. I have picked some post that looked to make more senses that others.

In short the Russians seems to spawn in two areas in NE. One small group will go for superior in that part of the Gray zone. One group will start later, I saw a post mentioning 18 h. Totally 200 accounts. They count with 2000 for the whole server. The Russians think that it will be a hard work to make havoc in NE and they are not counting on manage WW there. Their “homeborder” has that mission. They trust in their deffers.

The Russians are unsure how the Polacks will act and should be more confident on their victory if  Poland should join them.

They talk about a contest where first to second village on server will give the winner 1600 gold.

The starting post by kladwinn:

Coordination NE

Have a great day and good hunting. 

Thank topic-starter . As a result of stormy debate, still formed the initial assault on the World Cup team.
Starting today a centralized coordination NE

Responsible for the coordination of the NE:
kladvinn (picking SOM – Arctic; EURO – PLAST) 
Aquila (picking RU: Fang-Greens; EURO – GREENS )
Provaidor (picking SOM – Arctic; EURO – PLAST)
*** (*** picking RU; *** European Championship) until incognito 

alone or a single write to the Skype accounts here: joker_vic
Everyone else write 
kladvinn or Aquila 

NOTE: In some cases (when using older versions of Skype or browser Opera) links to skype accounts can not work right, because in that case, please contact us via the forum kladvinn’u.

Invite everyone, from 
Angels to complete morons . Large sector, there is a place for all.
Due to the natural indolence of man , in the form of incorporating dashes at the coordinates in NE normally expected heat. 
Come to NE! If you need precise control, the fixed rules of relationships and interactions. Here you will have to wait for “Old, good “Poles, perhaps part of the Arab population, the French and many others who are” happy “will get you to katy on the table. If you want to play alone without regard to ru-landing and taking into account their own … Look for a particular sector.

 Incidentally, the first landing of East Village in place the second sector, is lifting as 600 gold. And if it would be the first such village on the server, he will get 1600 gold. For more details about the contest you can find joining the ranks of our troops!

See you!

Handling incognito …)))

Perhaps many have experienced a similar feeling))) But … I hasten to stop them in their desire to suddenly arisen to join the Guard. And the matter is not in the “papkovitosti” nicknames and akkov, but more in the strategy at the World Cup.Specifically: We gathered in NE just over 200 akkov and confront us in this sector will be hypothetically akkov vrazhin 7500 (1/4 of the server, but as a rule it is NE – the most populated sector!). That’s why I do not advise you to go here, because it will survive here very difficult. It is in other sectors of our landings are working to win, and we will not be at her work , for her work on the home front workers and it is also a huge burden, and, in the end, honor and respect. 

We refuse to work to win, because in it we have to fight! That’s right! Gnaw their teeth every piece of “herbal” land, to bring the total pobedu.Otnyne, motto NE – fight for VICTORY! (if you do not mind of citizens NE) Yes, I and all who are on the team with me realize that we are just at the contain the onslaught of superior enemy forces in a sector in which we deklalirovali itself as the dominant ru-tim. 

This team deserves respect, reverence, and other jewels, but they all go into the sector with a view … how are Kipling Akella? … voooooo! ” To sing his latest song “ And I’m ready to gnaw at one with them to plow the land and all that is not biting, but to prove to all other landing forces py note that we are not just a pack of hungry and thirsty for victories and regalia wolves, and we can be and the team, a team that will be remembered for long. Such as the European Championship, with a light hand Doc Troopers were called bums NE))). I would not mind if this round we will call simply “a bunch of” let it be so, but it will not be an ordinary pack, and well-coordinated, knowing your goals and objectives, self-confident and self-respecting enemies pack! Pack, subordinate the general idea and utterly motivated by personal ambitions. I will only be “for”!

Once I ask anyone who wants to start gentle or moderate poslestartiya abandoned their plans and change the landing sector. We’ll have to NE full hardcore from the start and to the finish. “It will be a glorious hunt” I want to quote Kipling of the same, but it will be like. We go to the NE was killed, but that does not give vrazhin fatten offs and shoot for our miracles. Each and every one aware of the problem, and evaluate opportunities, but … not forsaking the opportunity to build and the miracle.

And it is quite possible, as our super offery under the protection of our own, at least superovyh defferov. I always sing, sing and sing praises, ballads, and sometimes serenades (almost under the balcony)  our defferam. I’m always calm, even if I’m not in the network, but will go to my dery deposition because defery such as Usher, Cats, Helen, Helen, Marie, Alenka Groh, Oooo … not list all and for that I ask forgiveness of the rest, just solve it yourself and put up with super def merge and enemy.

Well so friends, we fan of the game? How about a full of fun? Well – as for the fight, GENTLEMEN! closable its arc in the sector and let the rest of it is our koallovaya arc seem “Kursk Arc”!! And show everyone else how can igart old guard, if the shake and combine. But to bring together more questions and I would like to avoid neponyatok at the start. And therefore, I ask all the heads of small associations notifiable CD (or Kladvin L’Aquila) and adopt common rules. And then neither bourgeois can not seep through our ryaduty a gray area. Next thing only for coordination, the furnace all third-party thoughts and ideas!

Geeey brothers Slavs! Alga, Tatars and other peoples religion musulmansogo inhabiting our Power to the general!Welcome, friends, brothers neighboring republics! In our God and Allah, and most importantly … We are united in our goal!
Thank you.


By the way, at our expense. Due to what we’re going to win? Our competitive priimuschestvo what? Who knows what? Poles are able to push at the start, let locomotives podselyatsya and quickly enter the kata. The Portuguese can not defitsya, are able to cut the waves and use the calculator battle, know how to cheat, sending spam in the first wave, put deficit in oases. Turks can not defitsya, many play for the Germans, are weak against infantry. Czechs are not removed. Who does that for someone else knows? What manoeuvres faced?

Kladvina Alliance (aka the Arctic, it is Layer, aka Attas) will try to get into the gray area or close to it. At least there is such a desire. What actually will become clear 20-21 numbers.


Poles two landings at – / + (white and red) and + / + (red and white),
the Czechs and Slovaks – / + (simultaneous start about 17 MSK)
Turks – / – (not sure what all the Turks go there), the forum already have positions German players (of Turkish origin) with proposals for cooperative play (as the Germans like to disembark autonomous landings, these alliances will be more isolated cases);

Award from the Turks in 1600 and 3200 respectively))) so I have not decided where the start … I think



There was not enough for us – / – in addition to the French and the U.S. are the Turks and Germans. Merry company out – the game definitely will not be boring.



Attas players have completely mastered the art of alliances in the war against Natara but gained special fame in the long tradition of nekropostinga.

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