Travian closing down servers.

Today I was told that Travian is closing down some of the smallest servers. To begin with .ph (Phillipines), .pk (Pakistan), .ma (Marocko), .cn (China).

The servers is too small, the servers can’t be finished and TG get to little income from them to keep them up. I’m afraid that this is a destiny that will affect more servers in the future.

There are several causes to why Travian  don’t manage too engage new players and the good and bad with T4 have been discussed endlessly on the travian forums. All the cheating and bots that are possible to use and too many players that are willing to use them.

I think we need a new attitude among the players and new ways to play the game. The russians have showed the way. Their superiority in the Tournament shows how a well organized force with a shared goal is  impossibble to defeat. There are more examples where a determinated preplanned ally have caused havoc for others, Italians on ukx, an international on x8.

There are too many individuals in the game and not enough of teamwork. Organisation and communication is a big lack. And leaders.

We need more of preplanned alliances, planned landings and better communication. Maybe a qualification system to join and rewards to encourage.

How do guilds in Star craft, Wow and simular games organize? Maybe we have something to learn from them?

The national domains is a good start to learn the game. The Tournament is the place to show your abilitys in the game.

It’s up to us players to make this a funnier game but then we need to work worldwide to catch the best players and the best teamworkers in the world.

I want to give you a tool where you as a team can challenge  alliances on different servers in a more organized way.

And the tool is called communication…



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