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Welcome to the prestart interviews 🙂 There is rumours about who that will cooperate with who and they are as often denied. Maybe we will get some useful information from this interviews.


First out is Ros, an Italian leader and he introduce himself 🙂 The war between SPQR and ru-team was drawing a lot of attention in Final 2017/2018. We are ofc curious what they will do this server but it looks as we will have to wait until server starts before we have an answer on that.


Introduction: Hello! I’m Ros, also known as Quokka. In the last finals my nickname was Valar Morghulis (some russians will remember me :D). I’m one of the Italian leaders and UollasL’s admin. I have played with them since 2013 but the group was born a long time ago. “What came first, Travian or Uollas?” 😀
Seriously, I’m ready to have fun with my team and with all of you and make a nice finals server. Now it’s time to answer Safiren’s questions!

1. We start with the question we all are most curious about. In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?

That’s a good question. To be honest, the quad has not been decided yet (maybe +/+ or -/-, who knows! :D), as well as the groups that will compose the Meta. I don’t deal with diplomacy, I can only say that there will be 3/4 Italian alliances and I know that CZ and Germans players will be with us. Then there are other ongoing negotiations with other alliances, but I prefer not to say which ones until I have the certainty!

2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.

I think all those who don’t play in our Meta can be considered our enemies, obviously we will focus first on those we will find in our quad.

3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?

Our team always plays for fun. Without it the game would be boring and the players would stop playing! However, in my opinion, all the participants META aim to win and surely this is our goal too!

4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?

I don’t know exactly how many wildcards were released in recent years, and how many will be released this year. However I can not express a single opinion: on the one hand, I think it is right that wildcards will be less in order to prevent the use of these for multi-account, but on the other hand I saw with my own eyes that it is very very easy to qualify an account (in my server .de at the end of the round we were about 1600 players in statistics, so we were all qualified, even the farms!). For those who want to use wildcards for multiaccounts, my opinion, as I said, is that qualifying is pretty simple. It’s true that the goal is perhaps to prevent the multiaccount, but penalizes those who could not participate to the qualfications (it was still summer :D)! So I don’t have a single answer!

5. As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it’s got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?

I think that the tournament is more like a championships league with different alliances than a world cup with different nations . In fact, not always players from the same countries play together, Russians represents an example in the last finals: BAD-CERBER on one side, WINTER from another, PRIME from another one! Another example is the Polish, which if I’m not mistaken this year will be divided, PS on one side, PL from another with the Dacia. So I don’t think that the Tournament is linked more to the nations, but more to the alliances and the relationship that exists between them. For example, Italians are not many players and we are always “forced” to make a meta with players of other nationalities, but this is not a problem, indeed it’s a way to compare yourself, to grow and to have fun all together!

6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?

Last finals were really very challenging for me. My alliance was in the BP area, with the promter’s BAD on one side and the Br-Kiss on the other, I think I didn’t sleep for 3 months LOL because of the attacks were often at night, and a leader can never go to sleep while his players are under attack! However, in addition to the game there is also real life, and being a university student I try to keep up with the exams! So this is what I did, I tried to get on with the exams because I know I will not have much time to study during the finals ahahha! As for the game, since the end of September I’ve started to contact all my players to know who would play and who not, fortunately I didn’t have to deal with diplomacy with other alliances, there are other Italian leaders for this!


Next player is Turek from Poland. PL together with Prime contributed with an amazing turn in last Final when they decided to cooperate and their WW ended as rank 2.


1. We are playing in coalition with NB and Prime and we don’t know quadrant yet.

2. All metas will be our enemies, if we want to win we must beat all.

3. Our goal is victory, but we know that we have small number of people compare to Arabs, Dacia or ruteam, so if we make all what we could to win we will be happy.

4. In my opinion qualifications are useless and I don’t think more or less wildcards can change it.

5. For me this is still a World cup. We have a lot of unions between different countries, but still people know which ally is from which country. As long as we have nationality domains that will be a World cup.

6. Drink 😀
Few days ago we have a meeting with polish Travian players, this was good experience before server start, so we all know that we are playing with real people, not with bots.


The last for today is Oğulcan from Animals. They settled near the gray zone in NorthEast last time and had a lot of fun, claiming their independence from the other turks. I wonder what they will do this time.

1. I can not tell for sure, our negotiations are not finish yet… but I am sure,we will make a good meta..

2. Russian Union, absolutely.

3. All of them. We always have fun with a nice team. This time, of course, we want victory.

4. This had to be announced before. So it should be implemented next year. This year, teams should be supported for a fair game.
I also want to specify the difference between the elimination groups. C group is quite difficult to get tickets compared to other groups. And the Turkish multihunter group really works. In group B, each account receives tickets. And I don’t think they have multihunters. 🙂

5. A short and clear answer: Championship League.

6. We usually sleep. We know we can’t sleep in the finals. Our enemies should know they can never sleep. 🙂


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