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This is about how my career as reporter started.


Swedish forum 2009

I have been writing about Travian since autumn 2009. I begin to play February 2008 on the Swedish domain. After 1½ year husband got mad at me. I played 18/24/7 and it damaged both work and home. We was four on work and three played, maybe not so strange he got a deeply felt displeasure with Travian.

When we went on the yearly meeting in our community, Sveriges Skomakarmästareförbund, we three Travian players had decided to do an offensive into next quad to take some villages to be closer to the enemy. We sent Ramses home early “to do her packing for the trip” – in fact she had the longest way and had to send her troops ^^. Before it was time for us to go it was my turn so Thardar told my husband they had to go for an errand – so I could send my troops. It took us 5h to reach our destination and we had 2 mini pc with us. Thardar got his troops on the run 10 minutes before the batteries was empty in the last mini on the same moment we arrived to our destination.

Our troops arrived next evening when it was time for the big dinner. We sat there amongst our colleagues calling out happy when our troops hit and sending the mini pc between us with help by our colleagues to defend against the counter attacks with def from the villages we had taken in an earlier offensive.

Not so strange they thought us a bit crazy 😀

In my abstinence I began to read all treads on the Swedish forum and my happiness was total when I found four guys making a newspaper on s2, Filosofiska Nyheter. I asked to join them and week 9 of the server I wrote my first article and my carrier as reporter for Travian begun.

I told the players I was the fifth tribe and should have immunity as reporter – it was granted – lol – I must be unique to have had immunity in a war game!

To avoid my husbands anger I started my habit to do observation accounts. To write is a intellectual thing and don’t cause as much disagreements. I still use too much time on the game…

I have kept up my knowledge about the game by working as embedded reporter sometimes and trough the sitter function in game. When my abstinence from real playing have been to hard to withstand I have sneaked in on other servers in secret to have my fill of farming (chuckle). I also love to build pop, the accounts I’ve been visiting mostly have ended on top10.

My newspaper on .se ended abruptly when I was permabanned. I wrote too much about other domains and it was my fault that .se lost so many players. I think that the failure with T4, all troubles TG had in the beginning and of course the massive golding in T4 caused a lot more players to quit than my writings.

International forum 2011

I moved my newspaper to .com and wrote about the second qualification. To do a newspaper of that size, compare with 15-20 A4 papers, took to much time and  I tested another way in Final 2012. More like a blog and I called it Safirens Corner.

The interest for my Corner was overwhelming. When the final ended it had a total of over 100.000 viewings, more then any tread except admins own.

Admins on the .com forum tired on me at 40K viewings and perma banned me. I constantly stretched the rules and ignored warnings, they said. My readers wanted my Corner so they helped me and took turns to publish my posts until the end of the server. 3 days before final ended admins got enough of it, closed my Corner and perma banned the one posting my latest interview.

The .com forum rules is hardest of them all, it’s not easy to keep on the right side and I tried to hold my interviews as proper as possible. But what my readers wanted to read about didn’t make admins happy. I let my targets talk from their heart about all that went wrong in the final and that wasn’t appreciated.

I think that beside my bending of the rules the greatest cause to my ban is that TG thought I had too much influence on the players behaviour. I have been told that I have a too strong personality. Even if that is true or not I have to admit I’m very stubborn and it’s not easy to keep me from writing.

Do not make jokes about TG

Russian forum 2012

When I was banned from .com forum I asked for permission to open my Corner at the Russian forum and that was granted by their admins. Russians have an aversion against USA you know ^^.  The Russian forum allows much that is forbidden on other forums.  I only got a warning for the same story.

Safirens Corner 2013

When I was banned also my IPs was blocked, both from home and work. I tried to change at home  but even if I turned off my router for a whole day I still got the same back. I realized that I had lost all my writings on com, there was no open archive. In the spring 2013 I started Safirens Corner to use as my own archive – and since then I have tried to recover my old posts and always remember to have proper copies saved here

Back on International 2016

In September 2016 Ameno, admin from .ru forum, was the new admin for .com forum. I took the chance and wrote begging for mercy. And I was granted it! I have promised to not make more jokes about TG…

I also wrote to the Swedish forum admin and they let me back in too.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Official reporter for Tournament .com 2017

I was contacted by Travian Games march 2017. They asked if I was interested to be Official reporter for Tournament, I agreed and here are we now 🙂


From .ru forum 19.11.2012


По умолчанию The Beginning – Начало

Travian is a nice thing to be occupied with in the dark part of the year and that reminds me about my first winter as reporter for the newspaper Filosofiska Nyheter (Philosofic News).

The newspaper was started by four guys on a slow server 2 in Sweden. I came in the second year, autumn 2008. I was forced to stop playing Travian, my husband got crazy. I played 18/24 and it affected to both home and work.

My abstinens was hard. I began to read the forum and found this newspaper. Since I always have liked to write I asked if I could be of any help – and I and my observation accounts is still here.

To doing the news was a serious thing and I needed something to amuse me with so I come up with an idea.

-Can’t we play a game inside the game? The docusoup “Lekstugan” was borned. A lekstuga is a small house in the garden which parents build for their children so they can play family or have teapartys with sandcakes.

We had very fun, playing theatre in my Lekstuge chat on Skype where players from the hole server participated. We used the game too. By modifying reports I got both kidnapped and rescued. It was only allowed to send one troop when it was about the docusoap and I remember one guy being so surprised having one scout from different players visiting every village until he remembered that he had kidnapped me.

I will never forget that Friday I had got so much praise for an excellent analysis of the server and I got so drunk, both on the praise and on whisky that I succeded to convince “half the server” to send catas on my presumed boyfriends.

Oh what a lovely night! Our joy was disrupted by a very angry leader telling me that a 200-pop account should not rule the server. They had more important things to do than playing my game.

The hole story is burried in the travian archives by now but I did a website with short summarys and the pictures we used in the docusoup. Every time a player had done something real nice I awarded him with a picture. They comes from the yearly country festival in my homeplace. It’s on swedish – sorry. But you can enjoy the pictures 


And that is how my avatar, Safiren the reporter , started her life.


Травиан – интересная игра, на которую тратим время в темное, зимнее время года. Помню свою первую зиму как репортер газеты Новости Философии. Газету начали вести 4 парня на медленном сервере 2 в Швеции. Я присоединилась на второй год, осенью 2008. Меня принудили бросить Травиан, мой муж просто сходил с ума. Я играла 18/24 и это отнимало время как у работы, так и у дома.

Тогда, бросив игру, я начала читать форум и наткнулась на эту газету. Спросила у ребят, могу ли я чем нибудь помочь им.

Писать новости – это серьезная вещь, да и мне нужно было что то что бы развлечь меня.

Разве мы не можем играть в игру в игре?? И тогда родился “Lekstugan”. Это такой маленький детский домик, где дети играют в семью или строят фигурки в песочнице.

Это было прикольно. В чате “Lekstugan” в скайпе мы общались и играли все вместе с игроками сервера. Мы играли в разные роли используя при этом игру. Помню что несколько раз я была похищена и потом спасена.

Я никогда не забуду ту пятницу, когда получила самую высшую оценку своей работе анализу сервера, что я была просто пьяна от похвалы и от виски, что я даже смогла убедить пол-сервера послать каты в моих предполагаемых бойфрендов.

Ох эта прекрасная ночь. Наша радость была омрачена одним лидером, сказавшим мне что игрок, имеющий нас 200, не может управлять сервером. У них были задачи поважней.

Все отчеты об этом хранятся в архиве Травиана, но я сделала веб-сайт со всеми описаниями и картинками. Жаль он на шведском языке, но мы можем наслаждаться картинками.


И именно такой мой облик, Safiren репортер, начало ее жизнь.

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